Cooling Wraps


Heat Relief & Personal Style Shouldn't Be Trade-offs.  

Cool Care Wraps ease the discomfort caused by hot environments, fevers and hot flashes.  And they do it with a fashionable flair! 

Lightweight and right-sized to wear as a cooling scarf or cooling headband, our wraps are handmade in your favorite colors, patterns and novelty fabrics. 

    • Hours of continuous heat relief
    • No refrigeration or freezer required.
    • Re-useable. Great for everyday use.
    • Choose from 100+ cool wrap fabrics    

The Cool Care Difference

Materials Matter.  Our unique non-toxic cooling beads give your cool wrap a soothing texture and more pleasing skin feel than common crystal or gel alternatives.   

Thoughtful Design.  A baffle stitched cool strip eliminates unsightly bulk, aids even cooling distribution, and adds flexibility so you can comfortably wear your cooling wrap in a variety of ways.  

100 + Fantastic Fabrics.  Choose from a rainbow of colors to coordinate with your closet or to comply with uniform standards.  Browse our bold prints and understated patterns to find the perfect cool wrap for swag, tips, and gifts. 

Browse by Color: 

Black & Gray  Blue  Brown  Green & Yellow  Multi  Purple  Red, Pink & Orange

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Animals & Insects  Celestial  Florals & Foliage  Food & Beverage  Nautical  Novelty  Paisley  Sports  Transportation

How Do Cooling Wraps Work?

Cool Care Wraps harness the power of nature's evaporative cooling process with our non-toxic polymer beads.

When activated in cold water, the beads absorb water, expanding to create a full, firm cooling strip in the center of the wrap.  Heat from your body and the environment trigger the beads to release a natural water vapor that feels cool against your skin.

On average, the evaporative cooling effect will last for 3 -5 hours.