Use & Care Instructions

Cool Care Wraps

Spread the cooling beads evenly throughout the baffled cool strip to aid activation.

Place the cooling wrap in cold water and soak for approximately 90 minutes.   We've found laying the cooling wrap flat in a metal pan works best but a bowl or pot work too.  Soak time will also depend on how firm or flexible you'd like your wrap to be. 

Do not soak overnight.  Oversoaking may damage the beads and put stress on the fabric. 

Quick soaks, 5 -15 minutes every few days, keep your wrap activated for everyday use.  

Store in the refrigerator, ready to grab & go!  Freezing is not recommended. Prolonged storage in an airtight container will cause mildew.  

Gently hand wash activated wraps with mild soap.

Do not machine wash.  For more vigorous hand cleaning, allow the wrap to dry out, 7 -10 days.